Patrick Monaghan

Games n Tools


Here are some web toys I made

Garden An experiment in drawing things a different way than I'm used to [src]
Crystal A shiny crystal generator - written as an excuse to play with half-edge lists and fancy shaders [src]
Kaleidoscope A nice effect I've wanted to try for a while [src]
Sheep Faux 3D and procedural quadrupedal animation [src]
Waves Some waves with randomly generated palettes [src]
Polyhedron A stencil-y tetrahedron [src]
Bubble A little world in a bubble [src]
Snow A small column of snow [src]
Fish A game about making fish soup - made in a game jam [src]
Flow Particles in a random vector field [src]
Worms Some nice worms [src]

Voi A 3D platformer designed around non-euclideon spaces (I was lead programmer)

Who am I

I'm a self taught programmer and I specialise in games and game‑adjacent things

I like flat shaded and textureless things, audio synthesis, and on the odd occasion implementing http from scratch

I think realistic graphics in games are overrated and that audio deserves more love

I want to make cool things

Born in NZ, raised in Australia, living in the UK

What I've done

  • Senior Tools Programmer at Creative Assembly apr 2022 - may 2024
  • Tools Programmer at Creative Assembly jun 2018 - apr 2022
  • Gameplay/Engine Programmer at Game Insight aug 2016 - nov 2017
  • Intern (QA/Programming) at Euclideon 2015
  • Trainee at Valhalla Bifrost 2012

I completed a Bachelor in Game Development at SAE Institute Brisbane in 2016

What I can do

I know C++ well enough to use sfinae effectively but also well enough to not use it everywhere

Can write Rust, and prefer it when given a choice

Can write good enough C#, Python, and JS when I need to

Can read x86 Assembly when I absolutely must

Have been using OpenGL for almost as long as I've been programming

Familiar with emscripten and webassembly